About Us

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of NYRCA is to advance the role and function of rehabilitation counseling in the rehabilitation of all persons with physical, mental or other disabilities. NYRCA will encourage educational and scientific endeavors to better serve the needs of persons with disabilities, promote independence and enhance professional rehabilitation counseling by:

Increasing public understanding of the role of rehabilitation counseling in assisting all persons with disabilities to become (to the extent possible) self-sufficient, self-supporting and contributing members of society

Promoting and encouraging the development of professional training opportunities for all persons engaged in the counseling of persons with disabilities

Developing professional standards for rehabilitation counseling, including the opportunity to participate in certification and the certification maintenance process. Only graduate preparation, as established by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC), and the Council of Rehabilitation Education (CORE) is recognized for entry into the profession of rehabilitation counseling

Developing and securing passage of a licensure law for rehabilitation counselors in New York State

Providing a forum for the discussion of rehabilitation counseling

Encouraging the development of rehabilitation counseling as it contributes to an interdisciplinary approach to the solution of barriers in rehabilitation

Fostering research to advance knowledge and skills in rehabilitation counseling

Establishing standards of performance for individuals representing NYRCA with other organizations. Accountability for responsible representation must be assured.

Working with employers of rehabilitation counselors and promoting collaborative relationships that will be beneficial to all

Promoting ethical practice

Encouraging students in rehabilitation training programs through mentorship opportunities, through opportunities for networking and similar professional contacts

Ensuring equity and parity in the delivery of rehabilitation services to individuals of multicultural populations with disabilities and their community

Helping to develop a specific body of knowledge in rehabilitation counseling (leadership, supervision, and administration), working to disseminate that knowledge as it evolves, and encouraging and stimulating pragmatic research and enlightened inquiry. Currently NYRCA is focused on goal #4- developing and securing passage of a licensure law for rehabilitation counselors in NY State. For information on the status of our licensure efforts contact PATRICIA LIVINGSTON, PhD, CRC, Coordinator, NY State Rehabilitation Counselor Licensure Committee at email pl6@nyu.edu or telephone:(212) 998-5292