Gluten Free Diet Review

There are many different types of diet that can be found online as you'll realize from this gluten free diet review.

Many specialize for certain groups such as vegetarians, vegans, the over 65s or teenagers etc.

There are also specialized diets that are designed to be effective for people with certain medical or physical conditions that would otherwise limit what they can and cannot eat.

gluten free dietOne large group are those who are gluten intolerant.

For them there are several diet plans that have been devised to help them lose weight while avoiding the foods they cannot eat.

This article takes a look at what is involved in creating a menu that is free of gluten and what it meals for those that rely on it.

For this reason, the gluten free diet plan has been formulated.

What is Gluten?

It is a substance found in wheat and also in barley and rye and is a good source of protein. It is added to many processed foods to boost their protein levels and is added to the flour for bread making as it helps the bread rise evenly and produces a better structure in the final loaf.

The downside to gluten is that for those who suffer with a condition called celiac disease, it triggers a bad immune system response and causes sufferers many disagreeable symptoms.

What is a Gluten Free Diet Plan?

This particular specialist menu has been created to help sufferers of celiac disease to lead a fairly problem free life by completely eliminating all products that contain gluten from the diet.

From a weight loss viewpoint, this type of diet for men and women is an excellent way of losing weight as it eliminates nearly all the foods that cause weight gain. There are so many products made from wheat that are on the "bad" list, such as:

...and a whole host of junk foods that are derived from wheat based products, such as:

...and it also includes most processed foods you buy in the stores and supermarkets.

So by cutting out all these foods and replacing them with healthy fresh produce, fruit, vegetables, berries and nuts as well as rice products, dieters can lose weight quite easily. And sufferers of celiac disease can get on with living a more normal and also healthier life.

Succeeding with this Way of Eating

It does mean having to work with what may seem a rather strict diet with many of the things that we take for granted omitted from it.

It also means that you can't take advantage of the cheapest menus or the low cost from some of major convenience types of home diet food delivery programs that are around, like Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig or similar (although it is possible to customize certain plans to provide a gluten-free menu and Medifast has a dedicated plan for this).

But when the alternative is not one worth contemplating, there is sufficient motivation to stick with such a diet on review as is here. This is mainly to avoid any physical complications while you can still improve health and lose weight at the same time.