Diet-to-Go Review (Latest Update)

Take a look at my review of Diet-to Go, a convenient meal replacement program that delivers home to you. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to lose weight, become healthy, and feel happy quicker than you thought.

Before we start, let me ask you this question: What would it feel like to lose, say, ten pounds in the next few weeks, just by eating delicious, high-quality home-delivered meals?

What if I said that you could easily lose that much weight, and more, with this diet plan that is a lot cheaper than you might think? It doesn't take up any of your time.

Is This For Real?

diet-to-goMaybe, if this was a traditional type of diet it would sound too good to be true.

It probably would if this was the kind of diet where you had to follow a recipe and make your own meals. And you also had to calculate the calories of each meal, making sure that they were healthy and nutritionally balanced.

The good news is that it's not as much hard work as that. This program does all the work for you!

The hardest part of this program is actually choosing the meals that you want to eat and ordering them online. Then you can relax and wait for your week's meals to arrive. They are very efficient at this.

What is Diet to-Go?

What is this incredible way to eat and lose weight without the hassles of regular dieting?

Look at the advertisement to the left. This is the next step on your journey to becoming slimmer and more healthy. You don't even have to eat anything other than the meals they send.

Clicking that ad will open the official Diet to Go website. There you'll find a special discount offer of 20% off your first week. You'll also be able to start the easiest and most enjoyable way to lose weight.

What is this incredible program? It's simple!

This company will take your order online for a week of meals (breakfast/lunch and dinner), depending on what you select. It then ships the freshly prepared meals to your home, cooked by their in-house chefs.

These are the plans:

These are fairly self-explanatory. However, for your convenience, I will briefly explain each.

The main menu (formerly the Traditional Menu) is the Balance Menu. This menu offers great tasting, restaurant-quality meals packed with delicious flavors. It also includes balanced portions that are dietitian-approved and contain the same foods you love. They are balanced for calories and nutrition, and Heart-healthy. You can also choose from vegetarian or no seafood options.

The Balance Diabetes Menu adheres to the American Diabetes Association guidelines regarding the proper levels of carbohydrate and fat. This menu will help you lose weight, control pre-diabetes, and prevent Type II diabetes.

The Carb30 menu is designed for people who are familiar with Atkins' classic lo carb (carb-restricted), diet. This menu includes a variety delicious meals, including meat, cheese, and eggs. It can help you lose weight quickly and effectively.

The Vegetarian Menu offers a vegetarian version of the Balance Menu. For over 25 years, it has helped dieters reach their weight loss goals. This menu offers delicious, mouthwatering dishes with restaurant-quality flavor and balanced, vegetarian-friendly portions that are approved by dietitians.

How Much Does Diet-to Go Cost?

It might sound appealing, but how much does it really cost?

Here's the next surprise after the convenience and excellent food quality you just read. You can customize your meal plans to meet your specific needs and preferences.

You'd be wrong if you think it sounds expensive compared to the lower Nutrisystem cost and that of Medifast. These programs are quite affordable, but you get what you pay for!

You can enjoy frozen dried, water-reconstituted pasta and rice meals for around $10 per day. They are comparable in taste and quality to Pot-Noodles.

You can also opt for Diet-to-Go high-quality, freshly prepared meals that are as delicious as what you would get at a restaurant, or comparable to the meals offered by Bistro MD.

Diet-to-Go Meal Plans

This company offers three meal plans (each can be customized based on your personal tastes):

Traditional Menu:

This menu includes a variety of traditional, low-calorie, and nutritionally balanced dishes to suit all tastes and preferences. This option is most popular with the majority of customers.

Vegetarian Menu:

Designed for vegetarians, this menu is low in calories and balanced. It's great for losing weight, as well as enjoying delicious, freshly prepared meals.

Low Carb Menu:

This is for people who want to lose their fat stores faster. This works by reducing the amount of sugars in carbohydrates the body uses for fuel and substituting it with good fats and protein so that the body can use its fat stores as energy.

No matter which plan you choose to use, it is only valid for one week. If you wish, you can modify your plans at any time. You can also customize your plan to get the meals you desire.

Is Diet to-Go Right for You?

This is something you would love to do, whether you are on a diet for men or a diet for women.

This could be the right thing for you if you live a hectic life and want to lose weight, but struggle to control your eating habits.

You might not be able to cook so you rely on ready-made meals that are high in sugar, sodium, and other additives that can cause weight gain. Or maybe you don't like the effort of cooking low-calorie meals at home.

This can be a great way to lose weight while still enjoying great food without having to do all the hard work of a traditional diet. You can test it out and find out!

There is no need to sign up or commit to any type of long-term program. Order one week worth of meals to test it out and see if you like it.

If the meal is as good as you expected, you can order another week. Then you just order the third week.

You can also try it to find out how amazing it is without spending a lot of money.