Are Inhaler Steroids Safe To Take

Many people who suffer from asthma use a preventer inhaler containing a low dose of inhaled steroids. But are they safe to take and what consequences can be expected?

It's quite common to have concerns over any medications that are prescribed for patients, especially when there is a lot of speculation from people who are just echoing someone else's opinion that may or may not even be correct.

The only way to be sure of anything is to have the facts before you and then to make up your own mind as to whether something is safe for you to use or not.

Look at the Facts

In order to ease the minds of many users, we took a closer look at this particular form of respiratory medication to see just how safe they really are. Here are some facts about inhaler steroids:

When you are given a prescription for this type of medication, there are dosage and usage guidelines that you should follow. They are there to ensure your safety, so it is important hat you adhere to them and not exceed the recommended doses.

Steroid Tablets

On occasion, should your symptoms become severe, your doctor may give you a short course of treatment in the form of steroid tablets. These work quickly and powerfully to help to relax your inflamed airways.

Short courses of these tablets, anything from 3 to 14 days are generally perfectly safe to take as long as you stick to the daily dosage prescribed for you. In most cases they will not produce any long-term side effects.

Resistance to Other Conditions

On a related note, it is worth noting that steroid tablets can lower the body's resistance to chickenpox. If this is a concern, you should contact your doctor if you're taking these tablets to treat asthma symptoms and you come into contact with someone with chickenpox.

As far as is known, there are no other noteworthy instances of lowered resistance to diseases that may be caused by taking these pills. If you have any concerns, please check with a qualified medical professional for advice.

In all other cases, it is acceptably safe to use an inhaler under direction from your doctor as long as you follow the usage and dosage recommendations. While this article is factually correct, it is not a medical document nor should it be used in place of professional medical information.

If in any doubt, consult your doctor for advice.

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