Dr Harold Long

Believe it or not, a person's health is their most important asset. It makes sense to ensure it stays in great shape through sensible diet, exercise and upbeat mental attitude.

Keeping our health in the best state we possibly can should be our prime mission in life. All else comes after because if we don't have our health, nothing else much will matter very much!

This site is here to talk on a sensible level about the things that matter most in a person's life. Being a doctor means I have plenty of experience in dealing with the physical body, but that's only a part of the whole picture.

The Healthy Picture of Life

healthy picture of lifeI'll be looking at the bigger image of what makes a person healthy. That means I'll be focusing on the many different facets of life that can be improved or maintained in the best ways to make sure health gets the best chance of being the best it can be.

People want good health, which is perfectly natural, but many are doing so many things to bring about its downfall without even realizing they're doing it. Hopefully I can steer anyone who wants to be steered down the right road to better health and away from the obstacles that are getting in the way and upsetting the cart.

Eating, Drinking and Being Merry

We all love to enjoy the fruits of our hard work and that includes being able to eat well, drink nice things and have a great time. Sure we should aim to eat healthily and avoid excesses of unhealthy foods and drinks, but we should also allow ourselves to be treated occasionally.

It's fine to indulge in moderation in some of the things that are commonly believed to be health degrading. Things such as alcohol, sugary drinks and sweetened foods, high calorie, rich foods and skipping off the exercise routine every now and then can be done as long as we don't make a habit of doing it.

Conquering Bad Habits

Habits are what drive us through life and we are all slaves to many good and bad habits. We need to be able to identify the bad ones and learn to stop allowing them to control us so that we can focus on the good ones and take control of our lives!

Eating habits can be changed from bad to good simply be making a decision to do it and then following it through with a little personal effort and determination. Getting some daily exercise is important so as long as we make sure we stay active, then even if we do a desk job or driving for a living, we can counter the effects of long periods of immobility with exercise.

All in all, anyone who has been suffering a degradation of their health through their own actions, inactions and bad habits can dramatically change things when they decide they're going to do it and then go ahead and do it! Nobody else should be responsible for a person's health except the person themselves.

Doctors are here to help fix things when they go wrong, but it's your job to do all that you can to live healthily so that the chances of that happening are reduced and you can enjoy predominantly good health for all of your life.