Using a Salt Pipe for Asthma Sufferers

When you suffer from asthma, it can be beneficial to use salt air therapy to help improve respiration and reduce the frequency of steroid inhaler use.

Many asthmatics and those with breathing difficulties have found relief by using this alternative treatment and this article delves into the reasons why this is.

sea air good for asthma sufferersThe benefits of inhaling salty air have long been known as a respiratory aid that has helped people with all kinds of breathing related conditions.

Taking in the sea air is probably one of the most popular forms of this kind of therapy and prolonged exposure to its salty constitution has helped millions of people to breathe more easily and freely down through the ages.

How Salty Air Can Help Asthmatics

There are many triggers that can set off an asthma attack in sufferers. Some are anxiety based and are best treated through psychological therapies, while others are environment based and can respond better to physical therapies and medications.

One of the most common forms of physical treatment comes in the form of corticosteroid inhalers which act to reduce inflammation in the bronchial airways fast. This enables a person who is experiencing extreme breathing difficulties to be able to breathe again.

A more gentle form of physical therapy is to inhale salt-infused air for a prolonged period each day. This can be achieved by simply being by the sea shore where the air is naturally salty, or in the home with a real salt lamp that emits salt particulates into the atmosphere.

This helps to clean the airways of excess mucus and phlegm while eliminating infectious micro biotic particles that can be present in the bronchial passages. It also boosts the body's own internal cleaning mechanisms to a more thorough job.

This gentle cleaning action has another beneficial effect in helping prevent the sensitive bronchial membranes from being adversely affected by airborne pollutants which are known to trigger attacks in some asthmatics.

By reducing the instance of irritation in the membranes, this natural therapy can effectively reduce the frequency of attacks, thereby reducing the frequency of steroid inhaler usage.

Magical Sodium Chloride

This common substance we all know as salt has many healing traits that have been used as folk remedies for centuries and are well known to the medical profession. Applying this substance to flesh wounds is known to help prevent infection from setting in while speeding up the natural healing process.

Gargling with a saline solution is known to kill germs in the mouth and throat while helping to dislodge phlegm and infectious germs from their hiding places. A more extreme form of this is used to clear the nostrils and nasal passages, although it is unpleasant and messy.

Healing Sea Air

However, simply breathing in salty air has a similar effect without the unpleasantness and this is where salt pipe inhalers come into their own. They work by passing air through a salt chamber where minute particles of sodium chloride charge the air which is then taken down into the bronchial passageways to do its work at cleaning and gently disinfecting.

The process is quite pleasant, just like breathing in sea air! The only difference being that you can literally take the seaside air with you wherever you go in the form of a small, portable device.

Please remember that while using a salt pipe can improve breathing and help reduce reliance on a steroid inhaler, it does not mean it can replace the prescribed inhaler. You should always consult with your doctor for advice and only use the salt therapy inhaler as an additional aid in conjunction with your prescription inhaler or asthma medications.

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