Himalayan Salt Lamp: 10 Benefits to Using One!

A Himalayan salt lamp provides many benefits to a person's health and their living environment, making them highly beneficial in the home.

Take a look at how you can benefit with these 10 surprising, yet positive facts!

But first, let's look at exactly what Himalayan salt lamps are:

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

himalayan salt lampHimalayan Salt Lamps can be made simply from small blocks of Himalayan salt crystals.

These lamps can be used as interior decoration or natural light sources. However, the many functions of Himalayan salt lamps go beyond their aesthetic appeal.

The salt chunks, in conjunction with a light source produce negative ions that can be used to improve indoor air quality. A Himalayan salt lamp can be placed in every room of your home to reap the numerous health and environmental benefits.

They can, among other things:

  1. Improve breathing
  2. Reduce and calm allergies such as asthma
  3. Provide relief from coughs and common cold symptoms
  4. Purify, cleanse and deodorize air
  5. Increase blood flow
  6. Raise energy levels
  7. Sharpen performance and concentration
  8. Enhance mood and reduce stress
  9. Improve sleep
  10. Balance electromagnetic radiation (EM)

Improve Breathing

The walls of the respiratory tract contain millions of cilia, which are are microscopic breathing filters made up of the tiny hairs that carry debris and mucous out of the lungs.

Studies have shown that positive ions reduce cilial activity, while negative ions have an increasing and more positive effect.

Himalayan salt lamps can improve breathing by releasing negative ions that filter out foreign particles and keep the lungs clean.

Reduce and Calm Allergies Such as Asthma

It is believed that Himalayan salt lamps can help to filter out dust, mildew, mold, and pet dander from the air indoors.

They can be used to alleviate allergy symptoms in the same way that a nasal spray uses salt to clear the airways. Himalayan salt is also beneficial for asthma sufferers.

Himalayan salt is such a powerful breathing aid, manufacturers have created Himalayan salt inhalers for patients with asthma, COPD, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions.

Provide Relief from Coughs and Common Cold Symptoms

Since Himalayan salt lamps are known to release negative ions into the atmosphere, they may help protect against airborne toxins and germs.

The salt helps to remove these contaminants from the air and also makes it easier for the body to filter the air more efficiently to prevent foreign particles from reaching the lungs.

This can help to prevent the development of cold symptoms such as a sore throat, blocked nasal passages, coughing or sneezing.

Purify, Cleanse and Deodorize Air

The Himalayan pink salt lamps clean the air using a process called hygroscopy.

This involves attracting and absorption of contaminated water molecules and locking them in the salt crystal. This process can remove contaminants such as dust, cigarette smoke and other pollutants from the air.

This is a popular benefit, since salty air can act as a health booster and clears the air passages.

Increase Blood Flow

Studies have shown that the release of negative ions from Himalayan salt lamps can increase blood flow.

This boost can improve several disorders in the vascular system, and may prevent some damage to the lungs.

Raise Energy Levels

The body loses energy when it is flooded with positive ions. However, Himalayan salt lamps are believed to reverse this situation by releasing negative ions into the indoor air.

Negative ions can increase energy levels which results in a refreshing feeling similar to that experienced when you spend time in nature.

Sharpen Performance and Concentration

The exposure of negative air ions can reduce stress and improve overall performance. Himalayan salt lamps are great for improving concentration because they increase oxygen and blood supply to the brain.

They provide an increase in the neurotransmitter Serotonin which can literally give you the feeling of happiness.

Enhance Mood and Reduce Stress

Numerous studies have shown that negative ions can improve mood and energy by increasing brain serotonin. Himalayan salt lamps are a good option for people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and other forms or depression.

Himalayan salt lamps are a good option for color therapy (chromotherapy), which is an alternative method of diagnosing, treating and preventing a variety of diseases.

The lamps produce soft light in colors of ambient orange, yellow, and red which can help with stress, attention deficit disorder and general relaxation. It is believed that the serene light helps to balance spiritual, physical and emotional energies.

Improve Sleep

Excessive exposure to positive ions can cause damage to the brain and reduce oxygen supply.

This can lead to disturbed sleeping patterns. A Himalayan salt lamp's negative ions are believed to reverse this effect and make them a popular sleeping aid.

In direct connection to chromotherapy the soothing light can be helpful for people suffering from insomnia.

Balance Electromagnetic Radiation (EM)

Everyday appliances like televisions, tablets, phones, computers, and cell phones release positive ions into air continuously.

The overflowing electromagnetic radiation (EM) can be caused by common electronic devices, such as televisions, cell phones, computers, and tablets. Although invisible, it is thought to have serious long-term consequences.

Exposure to EM radiation can cause fatigue, stress, and weaken immunity.

Himalayan salt lamps emit ions that cancel out the positive. They neutralize electromagnetic radiation and help to reduce artificial frequencies.

My Recommendation

The Amber Himalayan Salt Lamp

My top recommendation is the Amber Himalayan Salt Lamp from So Well, a fair trade company that is a member of the Chicago Fair Trade, specializing in a variety of healthy Himalayan salt based products.

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This unique salt lamp is made of Natural Himalayan Salt Crystals, hand-mined in the Himalayan Mountains

Why I Recommend It

The Himalayan salt lamp highlighted above is an eco-friendly light source.

Some other lamps are powered by low-wattage bulbs, which consume very little energy. Others are lit by a candle.

This lamp is unique and beautiful. It's classic style makes it a wonderful addition to any home.


If you or anyone in your family suffers from a debilitating respiratory condition, a salt lamp made from Himalayan salt can be a great help in relieving symptoms and improving well being.

As a natural producer of negative ions, salt lamps also improve the quality of the indoor air while providing positive health benefits for anyone.

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