DSI Dry Salt Inhaler Review

It is possible to breathe more clearly without wheezing or coughing when using the DSI Dry Salt Inhaler thanks to the way in which salty air inhalation works to help clear the respiratory airways of mucous, phlegm and bacterial agents that can cause infection, irritation and inflammation.

I checked out the DSI model to see if it stands up to its maker's claims.

First of all, you need to remember that this is a natural respiratory therapy that is not meant to replace your medications and inhalers prescribed by your doctor.

They are to compliment such treatment by providing you with the means to rely less on your steroid inhaler and keep it for use in emergencies only.

Does the DSI Work?

dsi dry salt inhaler reviewTo give you a simple answer, "Yes, it works!"

As to the degree of effectiveness it will provide an individual will depend upon that individual's condition and their current diagnosis. But in most cases, it will certainly help to reduce the symptoms of respiratory conditions and aid clearer breathing.

It is a very portable model made from medical grade plastic that is virtually unbreakable. This is an important consideration when you are going to keep it with you through the day for use whenever you feel you need to.

This product also comes with a patented nasal attachment to allow you to breath the salty air in through your nose and thus gain better access to the nasal cavities and upper respiratory tract.

You can choose to breathe in through the mouthpiece and out through your nose, or the other way around with the nasal adapter fitted and the one way valve prevents you from breathing the wrong way.

The DSI is small enough to fit inside your pocket and is sealed, so it doesn't need salt crystal refills. It is claimed to last up to one year from the first time of use assuming 20 minutes of use per day.

How Does Dry Salt Air Therapy Work?

I have already gone into a lot of detail on how speleotherapy works in the article I just linked to, but in a nutshell, it simply mimics the air you breathe when you visit the seaside.

In a similar way to having a Himalayan salt lamp in your room, that salty air gets into your airways and helps to cleanse the bronchial passageways of foreign bodies such as bacteria, mucous, phlegm and infections microbes.

By clearing out the debris from your respiratory system, the instances of irritation and inflammation in the sensitive membranes is lessened, resulting in fewer problems, clearer breathing and less coughing, wheezing or difficulty in drawing breath.

DSI v Salitair: Salt Pipe Inhalers Compared

When compared to the Salitair device featured here the DSI shows a lot of promise. It performs in a similar way to the Salitair inhaler although it is physically smaller.

On price, the Salitair is slightly lower in price when compared to the DSI.

The lack of refillable option and the higher price rate this product behind the Salitair which has come out as the top model when compared with others. To read my full review of this product, click this link for the Salitair Salt Pipe Review.

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