Make a point of enjoying good health by living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthily, taking regular daily exercise out in the fresh air and you can enjoy "everything that life has to offer" every single day of your life.

None of this is anything like difficult to do because, in all honesty, it should simply come naturally!

However, far too many people are living a lifestyle that is very un-natural. That's why they get overweight, unhealthy and sick with all manner of complaints. These can mostly be traced back to their unhealthy eating regime when combined with not taking any real exercise.

The Problem

The main problem is lack of education in the general population as to what people should be eating and drinking for optimum health. The media is controlled by advertising dollars and advertisers are paid by big corporations that have products they want them to sell to consumers.

The unfortunate fact is that the vast majority of the products that are on sale in food stores are not as healthy as they seem. I would go one step further and say that most food products are not even real "food."

As far as I'm concerned, real food is what nature provides for us in its natural state. If we all could just see that simple picture that painted by those few words, we'd all be a lot healthier than we are now. I don't include myself in that "we" because I changed a long time ago to be aware of what I was eating.

Food in its natural state looks like those bunches of fresh vegetables you get in a certain part of supermarkets, or better still, if you can get them direct from the grower, preferably an organic one if you can find one. Fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts and herbs all organically sourced and free of the worst of the chemicals that are sprayed on regular crops are the healthy choice.

If you don't want to become vegetarian or vegan, you can get grass-fed cuts of meat at the right places and not the packaged, pretty looking stuff you get in the big stores. That's a choice you can make for yourself, as I won't pass judgement on that choice.

Fighting Back to Health

healthNo one needs to suffer from ill health brought on by a bad diet and a lack of exercise. Everyone can pretty much choose what they eat and even using the excuse that they can't afford the best cuts of meat or organically grown vegetables isn't good enough.

I have personally gone totally broke, yet still managed to eat well enough to maintain good health. How is that possible?

It is possible by being very selective of what you buy. Also by using some ingenuity to obtain foods that most people have no idea how to get because they simply have never learned.

In the articles contained in this site, I'll show you that you can eat well even on the most modest budget by avoiding anything in the store that comes pre-packaged or foods that are supposedly "ready-to-eat" or convenient in any way.

Become Your Own Personal Chef

Yeah, that means preparing and cooking my own food. But hey, if you're not doing that, yet complaining you're overweight because you can't be bothered to cook your own meals with fresh ingredients, then you need to understand that you CAN learn to cook and you CAN eat great tasting, home cooked meals.

Meals that are healthy and totally free from any harmful additives and other junk that the food industry mixes in with those pre-packaged junk meals. You know the ones...

They're often (mis)labeled "healthy" or "convenient" or some other descriptive phrase designed to get you to buy them on the pretext they are really good for you somehow (when they're probably not).

But you have to realize that you really do have the ultimate choice over what you buy and what you allow yourself to eat. You choose whether to be lazy and buy ready-to-eat junk from the store. Or to get healthy and learn to cook for yourself.

You CAN DO IT if you choose to do it. So choose health over convenience and get healthy by giving it your best shot!

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