CBD Oil for Pain

There are many surprising benefits to health and well being that can be enjoyed through the use of CBD (Cannabidiol) products such as CBD oil, supplements and pain relief creams.

This introductory article sets out what this side of non-medical health treatments and remedies can bring a person who is willing to put their objections aside and learn more about a naturally occurring substance that has been harnessed to bring good to people's lives.

Do you suffer from physical pain in one or more areas of your body?

Chances are that if you do, you've been prescribed some form of pain killer by your doctor, such as ibuprofen or stronger NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) that may or may not help much but that come with a nasty payload of side effects that in some cases can be worse than the pain they're trying to treat!

There are also various over-the-counter pain creams that you can get from the pharmacy or on prescription. But again, their effectiveness varies from person to person and they can also exhibit a range of side-effects or interfere with the taking of other medications in some way.

A Natural Pain Treatment with No Side Effects

I'm sure that if your doctor told you there was a natural pain management treatment that had no side effects yet was very effective at treating many kinds of painful conditions, you'd jump at the chance to get some. Wouldn't you?

Of course you would!

Well, here's the thing. There IS a natural, topical pain treatment that you can apply right at the source of the pain and it gets to work fast to ease that pain.

What's more, it has zero side-effects and is completely safe to use. It can be purchased securely online and it's completely legal in the US!


Why didn't anyone tell you about it?

Because it's formulated from a substance derived from the cannabis plant. And for many, they're frightened of it because society has demonized the drug.

Even though it has come to light that it possesses many healing properties and health benefits!

The product is called Niva CBD Natural Pain Relief and it does NOT produce a "high" or sensation of euphoria associated with the recreational drug.

Where Can I Buy CBD Pain Cream?

Knowing that, would you set aside your initial fear and at least try it for yourself?

You know, to prove to yourself that such a product actually even exists and is on sale. And is used by many people that also tried it and cannot believe how well it works.

Click the promotion image above to visit the official welcome page for the product that can free you from pain without any side-effects:

I get it if you're a little surprised and maybe even shocked to discover that medical science knows about the pain relieving and health giving properties of cannabidiol. It has known about it for quite some time, actually.

However, legislation created by ignorant, self-serving politicians to ban its use coupled with media tricks to make everyone believe that the drug is dangerous and harmful when it is patently NOT has gotten most people to believe the lies.

Can't fool all of the people all of the time? Maybe, but you sure can fool most of the people most of the time!

Don't be fooled any more. Get educated!

Cannabidiol products are safe to use and are being gradually taken up by doctors and medical experts now that the hard work by pressure groups has forced the government to change its stance and legalize cannabidiol for general use as a medical treatment.

Why Object?

The first objection many still have about the products derived from the much maligned cannabis plant stems from the vilification of the substance's use as a recreational drug that brings about a "high" or an artificially produced sensation of euphoria. Governments around the world decided to class this drug as an illegal substance for a number of reasons, none of which are related to any implied danger it may have to health.

The truth is that cannabis when used as a recreational drug is less harmful to health than that of smoking tobacco products or drinking alcohol in excessive quantities.

Cannabis is not physically addictive, unlike tobacco or alcohol (both of which are deemed "legal" for use by adults), nor can it cause cancer like the constituents of tobacco or lead to unprovoked violence as is often evident when alcohol is abused.

On the contrary, cannabis it has recently been discovered by medical science, has many health benefits and even exhibits some powerful curative properties for sufferers of previously believed "incurable" conditions such as:

Not surprisingly, such properties have been well known to older civilizations such as the Native Americans who used it as a calming herb, a remedy for a number of conditions and even a traditional token of proliferating peace between tribes.

Modern Health Benefits

Despite fierce opposition from "the Establishment" proponents of cannabis have fought long and hard to get the health giving and curative properties of the substance recognized by the mainstream medical profession. Its classification as an illegal drug has been called into question often and loudly by many supporters.

This is not the action of a ragtag bunch of "dope heads" who want to be free from prosecution for enjoying the recreational benefits of the drug, but an organized movement of regular, ordinary citizens that demand common sense to prevail and the overwhelming medical evidence of the substance's health benefits to be acknowledged and its status to be changed to that of "legal."

There is much talk, rumor and speculation that the "real" reason for making cannabis illegal had nothing to do with any health danger or social detriment, but everything to do with government control and the inability to raise taxation from the sale of the substance as it does with alcohol and tobacco. But I'm not here to argue about conspiracies and secrecy theories that don't really concern me.

I'm here to talk about the health benefits of using products derived from cannabis oil to help in the treatment and remedy of a number of health and medical conditions that do not respond to mainstream drugs and treatments.

So welcome to the CBD aspect of my website's "Health" section and take a look at the related posts that are to follow to discover whether the claims for a cure or powerful treatment for a surprisingly long list of ailments are real or not.

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