Himalayas Salt Puffer Review

Being able to breathe normally is a welcome relief when you are inflicted with a respiratory problem. The Himalayas Salt Puffer may answer your needs perfectly!

As you may have already discovered from reading several pages of this website, breathing mildly salty air can help with a number of respiratory conditions.

himalayas salt pufferThese would be those problems that restrict breathing or cause unwelcome symptoms that make normal respiration difficult and uncomfortable.

Salt Pipes on Sale Online

There are several portable and easy to use inhalers that incorporate speleotherapy (salt inhalation therapy) and the Himalayas Salt Puffer is one of those that has been available for a number of years. This article reviews the product and looks at why it can be of particular use to allergy sufferers as well as those with other medical respiratory conditions.

As with other models I have reviewed here, this product is available to buy online at a reasonable price. In fact you can currently buy this inhaler direct from the makers with a discount when an offer is running (as will be highlighted on this page). You can purchase 2-puffer refills as well (refills last approximately 6-12 months).

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Why Himalayan Salt?

The salt that is mined in the Himalayan mountain range is said to be of high purity, which is perfect for this type of device where freedom from impurities is an important factor.

It also contains around 80 trace minerals matching our own human chemistry.

Many people go to great lengths to breath salty air, such as visiting the seaside or visiting salt mines (a popular pursuit for breathing allergy and asthma sufferers in certain European countries).

Now you can get all the benefits of these costly visits in the comfort of your own home with the convenience of a handy, portable inhaling device.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

An effective alternative for improved respiratory health in the home is to place a genuine Himalayan salt lamp in the room you occupy most.

Salt lamps create a healthy atmosphere by warming up to absorb moisture that neutralizes the air around it and emitting microparticles of salt into the air.

Often preferred to manually needing to breath in salty air through an inhaler or salt pipe, salt lamps are passive, creating a salty air environment inside your home.

Being constructed of Himalaya salt, these lamps offer substantial health benefits to users. Click the image above-right to find out more about this popular model of salt lamp.

Salt Inhalers Compared

When going head to head with our featured product from Salitair, the Himalayas model stands up quite well. It employs a similar design and construct model and uses high quality sodium chloride (salt) derived from mines in the Himalayan Mountains in its refills.

Here is an overview of our comparison:

While the reviewed product is on par with the Salitair in terms of build quality, the ability to refill and the quality of the salt used, the cost rises steeply if you need it shipped outside the US. I would therefore recommend the Salitair in preference to this product if you are in the UK.

You can visit the official Salitair website (where you can find out more about the Salitair Salt Therapy Salt Pipe if you choose.

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