If you are unfortunate enough to live with a snorer, you will know just how destructive interrupted sleep can be.

Find problem snoring solutions that can change your life in these pages as I delve into the subject and explore potentially viable ways to prevent your partner from snoring.

Losing sleep each night because your partner snores has far reaching consequences in your daily life.

I sympathise with you wholeheartedly since my life has been blighted by this problem for many years, so I searched high and low for a fix.

Solutions to the Age Old Night Time Problem

The first order of the day (or in this case, the night) is to get your partner to recognise and accept that they snore.

This is not always as easy as you might think, as most snorers don't even know they're doing it!

In extreme cases of denial, you are going to have to get inventive. I found the most effective way to do this was to get a simple voice recorder (you can use a smartphone these days) and get yourself some indisputable evidence of your noisy partner in the act!

Once they have accepted their problem, the next step is to look for solutions that are acceptable to them. Remember, it is one thing to have someone accept they are doing something they didn't believe they did. It's quite another getting them to accept some of the extraordinary remedies that are provided by all manner of manufacturer.

Natural Snoring Remedies

While there are some medications that are prescribed by doctors to help alleviate the more potentially dangerous condition of sleep apnoea that can also be used by snorers, a more preferable route is the natural one.

There are several effective devices that work in different ways to alleviate the nightly silence shattering problem as well as some natural (mostly herbal) treatments that can help.

In the pages that come under the umbrella of this category published here in this website, I provide you with reviews of the most popular and my opinion most effective of these. You'll see the titles below.

Identifying the Cause of Your Partner's Snoring Problem

The next step is to discover what is causing the problem in the first place.

For many it can be narrowed down to one of several obvious circumstances that can be dealt with without the need for medical or other artificial intervention.

Of course, by far the most effective solution if your partner is overweight is to get them to slim down to their correct weight. This is no joke by the way! It's an accepted medical fact that being overweight can lead a person to snore where they previously did not when they were at their normal weight.

Another big offender is excessive alcohol consumption. This may be more difficult to deal with because now you have two separate problems that your partner will have to come to terms with and accept.

The problem with alcohol abuse is the abuser rarely recognises they have a problem and often will not enter into discussion about it. If this is the case, your options are reduced to seeking professional help or the more drastic one of calling time on the partner and leaving (this is really a last resort where no other solution exists).

Other causes are generally medical such as partially blocked sinuses, allergies, asthma, COPD or any one of the many respiratory conditions that exist. This is a job for your partner's doctor to deal with as correct diagnosis and treatment are of paramount importance.

Please note that self diagnosis is not recommended. Your doctor should be consulted in all cases of suspected medical problems.

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