Hay Fever Salt Therapy Explained

Every year in early summer, airborne pollen levels rise and hay fever sufferers reach for their medications to find relief.

Salt therapy is effective in reducing the symptoms in many cases and can even prevent the streaming eyes, difficulty in breathing and general feeling of unwell for many people.

When searching for natural remedies for hayfever, salt air inhalation is one of the most popular and effective as alternatives to strong medications that come with their own payload of side effects, not least of those being reduced ability to concentrate and drowsiness.

Diminishing Hay Fever Symptoms

hay feverWhile most natural treatments for hayfever are not always as effective as the prescribed medications they are meant to replace, inhaling salty air to reduce the worst effects of the condition is a well known therapeutic technique that is also one of the most effective.

If you have not tried it before, you should because it just might help alleviate your symptoms to the point where the condition is manageable or even overcome it altogether.

You are probably wondering why those symptoms should be affected in a positive way at all, simply by inhaling salty air. The answer is also pretty simple.

Salt is a natural healing substance that helps to prevent and heal infection and kills infectious microbes. It also cleanses the sensitive airways, reduces inflammation and irritants of the bronchial membranes and acts to break up phlegm.

During late spring and early summer, airborne pollens increase dramatically in numbers and get into our respiratory system, causing the symptoms that are commonly associated with hay fever and other allergy-based breathing problems. Our own auto-immune system causes more mucous to be produced in an attempt to counter the excess pollen in the air ways, which tends to exacerbate the problem it is trying to solve.

One simple way of creating a saline atmosphere in your home is to place one or more Himalayan salt lamps in certain rooms. When turned on, they passively emit salt particles into the air, creating that healthy marine atmosphere experience.

How Salt Air Therapy Works to Combat Hay Fever Symptoms

Inhaling salty air helps to clean out the pollens that lodge in the airways in two ways:

  1. It directly cleanses the airways
  2. It stimulates the body's own natural cleansing mechanisms

By reducing the volume of pollen lodged in the bronchial airways, the symptoms are similarly reduced. Less mucous is produced and the build-up of phlegm is broken down for easier transport out of the bronchial tubes. Irritation is calmed and inflammation reduced leading to easier breathing.

In the nasal passages, this cleansing process helps to reduce the problems of a blocked nose, streaming eyes, coughing and sneezing.

No Drowsiness

no more drowsinessAnother massive benefit of this kind of treatment is there is none of the drowsiness or tiredness that you often end up suffering with prescribed medications or over the counter hayfever pills.

This means you can drive, work and feel more like yourself during the day while getting a restful night's sleep that further helps you to stay healthy and happy.

When you compare the low cost of the Sailtair salt pipe that is featured in my own full review here: Salitair Salt Pipe Inhaler Review, with the cost of pills and medications, it becomes pretty obvious that you will not only enjoy the benefits of drug-free treatment but also end up saving money in the long run.

Every day, more and more doctors are coming on board with this natural and effective treatment, making it ever more attractive as a mainstream remedy that really does work. Try it and see for yourself!

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