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There are many great benefits to using a salt pipe inhaler to help relieve the uncomfortable or even dangerous breathing difficulty caused by narrowing of the airways through inflammatory effects of certain respiratory medical conditions.

In this section of the website are several in-depth articles covering various aspects of how these devices work and why they make such a compelling alternative to drug-based medications.

But first, here is an introduction into why this alternative treatment came into being and why it is such an effective remedy for many thousands of people with respiratory ailments.

Treating the Symptom

treating the symptomWhile the medical profession makes rapid advances into finding cures and treatments for all manner of ailments, the main focus is always to treat the symptom and not go after the cause.

In effect, just about every treatment you are going to get from your doctor for whatever ails you is going to act upon the symptom you are suffering from and attempt to reduce the severity of the symptom or clear it up altogether.

Only more radical action will target the cause of the malady and attempt to remove it as is in the case of surgery or certain therapies designed to target a true cause. You might be mistaken in thinking that one such example is to use chemotherapy to cure certain forms of cancer, but sadly, such treatment while acting to destroy a malignant tumor will only do that and not discover what caused the tumor to grow in the first place.

The same is true of treatments for respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and the like. Steroid inhalers and other drugs only act to reduce the inflammation that causes the narrowing of the airways making breathing difficult.

They don't go after what is causing that inflammation!

Salt Pipes Treat the Condition Without Side-Effects

Salt pipes also act on the symptom, but they do so without the often harmful side-effects that medications can and do cause. Being natural, the salt-charged air that you inhale is gentle acting and effective at relieving the breathing difficulty.

There is a big difference between suffering a respiratory condition and relieving it with a medication that goes on to cause you to suffer from what can potentially be just as severe a side-effect condition and relieving the condition with a natural, side-effect-free treatment that relieves the symptom and leaves you feeling better!

What Are the Causes of Breathing Problems?

There are many causes that bring about problematic breathing difficulties in certain people. But the major ones are almost all environmental aside from those that controversially, are believed to be unconsciously caused by the sufferer themselves.

Let's take a brief look at the latter cause first, as it is seen as controversial by many. Yet as controversial as the concept may be, it has a large following of advocates in both the medical profession and the lay alternative therapy professions.

Repressed Anxiety

anxietyMany psychologists and psychiatrists argue that many ailments that affect certain patients are the direct cause of a repressed anxiety or memory dating back to their younger years. Such a repression is so deeply buried in a patient's psyche they have no conscious knowledge of it.

However, the memory is fixed in the subconscious part of the mind. Because the body is entirely controlled by the subconscious, the repression is worked out in physical action in the form of what is known as a psychosomatic condition.

The condition is very real and can be physically debilitating, but its direct cause is not environmental, although the symptoms can perfectly mirror certain conditions that are. Thus an asthma sufferer will have their symptoms triggered by a rise in air pollutants because the body responds to them in certain ways as part of its defence mechanism: the immune system.

The Body's Auto-Immune System

One of those defence mechanisms is to release histamines into the bloodstream to fight off what the body believes is an alien attack. This causes inflammation in the area targeted by the body's immune system. If the area happens to be the airways (i.e. lungs; bronchial tubes; throat; nasal passages) the histamines gather in the blood vessels feeding that area causing the vessels to swell in size and the airways become narrowed as a result.

The exact same process can be similarly triggered by psychosomatic response to anxiety in a person that suffers a breathing condition such as asthma, even when there are no pollutants in the air that would normally trigger such an auto-immune response.


There are likewise many environmental causes of respiratory conditions that cause breathing difficulties in certain patients. The main ones of these are airborne pollutants that are known to aggravate areas in the airways causing an autoimmune response as described above.

Certain kinds of pollen in the air can also trigger the body's defences to react in this way, as the many thousands of hay fever sufferers will attest to each year. The pollen can come from grasses or other plants and different pollens seem to affect different people.

While doctors and medical research scientists have conducted endless studies into why these pollens cause respiratory problems in certain people and not others, a definitive answer is still yet to be found.

Steroid Inhalers

steriod inhalerThe vast majority of asthma sufferers that are deemed to be at risk by severe attacks are generally prescribed steroid inhalers. These can be used during an attack to rapidly reduce the inflammation that is causing the blockage to the airways and bring about relief from the symptoms.

The medical description of the way in which these devices and the drugs the contain work is outside the scope of this website.

More information should be sought from articles published on medical websites such as:

However, if you want to learn more about how salt inhalers work and the benefits they can bring to people with breathing conditions, I have compiled a collection of in-depth articles that cover all aspects of these devices as well as reviewing come of the top brands of salt pipes that are available to buy on the market.

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