Dukan Diet Review

There are people trying to lose some weight that can read this review and find out how the Dukan Diet can help them to achieve their goal for a slimmer, fitter and healthier body.

It's amazing four phase strategy makes dieting easy and effective while still allowing you to eat great food! But how exactly does this diet succeed where others before it have failed?

The short answer is that for any diet to succeed, the dieter has to make it happen; not the other way around! The onus is on the dieter to work with their diet and make it work for them, but not all diets are quite so easy as to make the process a successful one.

Keeping it Simple

dr pierre dukanThis is where the Dukan Diet excels. It is straightforward and simple to apply, while being enjoyable enough so that people stick with the plan.

And when you stick with a plan right through from start to finish, you are naturally going to enjoy the fruits of your own labor!

In other words, by working with the program and completing it without cheating, you should expect to succeed in reaching the target you set for yourself. This is true of most diet plans, whether they are diet delivery programs such as Nutrisystem, Bistro MD or Diet-to-Go, or calorie reduction plans like Weight Watchers.

So if you were wondering what this particular diet program is all about, here is a good place to get all the information in one place. I'll look at how it works, what you need to do in order to maximize its benefits and a few tips on boosting your chances of not only hitting your target, but even exceeding it!

Why Choose the Dukan Diet?

How the Dukan Diet Helps You Lose Weight

Why do you imagine you would want to choose the Dukan Diet as your solution to losing some weight? If you heard about it on TV or saw an advertisement in a magazine, you were probably curious to know more, which is natural. So you searched around the web and found this page.

Lucky you!

There are some very compelling reasons why the Dukan Diet is an excellent choice as a dieting solution. Not only is it very easy to follow, it's also very effective. Here are some of the great benefits of getting started with this diet made in heaven:

These are just a few of the many great reasons to choose this amazingly popular and effective dieting system.

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Keep it Simple

Why is the Dukan Diet is so Successful?

What you have to remember is that when it comes to shedding those unwanted extra pounds through a dieting program, the best way is the easy way. There's no point in complicating things and getting yourself all in a muddle!

It's amazing strength lies in its simplicity. There's really not too much to explain about that or it would cease to be simple and become instead, complicated! It works because it's easy to follow and tells you what to eat every day. You just eat what it tells you and you lose that weight. Simple!

When you choose to make the Dukan Diet your dieting solution, you are giving yourself the most effective way of losing that weight in a simple strategy that just about anyone can follow and make a huge success with. People are amazed at just how successful they are!

How Does the Dukan Diet Work?

What Makes the Dukan Diet So Great?

The way in which this program works is simple and structured in a series of four phases. Don't worry; it's a lot better than it sounds!

Phase One

This is commonly referred to as the Attack Phase because it gets you started on the program with a big jump start for your body in terms of getting it to burn fat. The aim of any weight busting diet is to get rid of the fat you have accumulated around your body over time, so this is an excellent and safe way to do that.

It is also a very short part of the program, lasting only 2 weeks. In that time, you will get to eat some great albeit fairly simple food. It comprises the things you like such as lean meats and dairy that fit in with a total of 72 high protein foods. These are chosen for their ability to raise your body's metabolism and get it burning fat for energy.

Phase Two

The second phase follows hot on the heels of the first. It's referred to as the Cruise Phase which indicates it's easier and more laid back approach. During this phase, you alternate days of proteins only and proteins plus a selection of healthy vegetables.

Phase Three

This phase is an interesting one as it lasts for five days for each pound you lost during the first two of the diet's phases. For example, if you lost 10 pounds in the first two phases, then it will last for 50 days. Labelled the Cruise Phase, it prepares you for the coming return to normal eating but a much healthier menu than you were probably eating before you started the program. This is to enable your body to maintain its new weight for the long term.

Phase Four

The final part of the program, the Stabilization Phase sets out a long term menu if healthy foods for you to eat that will insure you maintain your new weight and don't gain. This is important, especially as so many dieters gain weight after they finish a diet. This is designed to stop that happening!


This is the kind of diet plan that most people can follow with enough determination. Unlike home delivered diets such as Nutrisystem cost a monthly fee for food, this diet allows you to buy your own groceries and to save money by opting for whole foods that can be sourced from organic farmer's markets for less than you'd pay in a grocery store.

The way to succeed with this diet is to follow it closely and stay with it for the long term. What you are effectively doing is re-wiring your appetite to enjoy eating healthy meals and to avoid ever going back to your old bad eating ways.

It works if you work with it!