The Zone Diet

If you have tried different diets but not found one that suits you, this review of the Zone Diet may provide you with a better option for losing weight.

The information may be just what you need to rekindle your efforts to get back into shape and have the body you always dreamed of having.

There is so much information flying around the Internet these days, it gets difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

the zone dietThis is especially so when trying to find info that relates to dieting or weight loss.

One of the questions that gets asked a lot is,

"What are zone diets?"

So this post will do its best to explain them.

Where Does This Program Originate?

Zone diets are derived from a system of dieting and healthy lifestyle created by Barry Sears PhD and packaged as The Zone Diet.

It works on the fairly simple principle that as long as you eat a well balanced and healthy diet for a man or a woman and combine that with regular daily exercise, you should be able to maintain a healthy weight without needing to resort to artificial or unnatural means to lose weight and keep those excess pounds off.

How Does the Zone Diet Work?

The diet itself comprises a variable set of daily meals that are shipped out to customers in batches of seven day's supply, covering three meals a day plus snacks that can be eaten in between meals. The meals are balanced out to contain 40% proteins with 30% of low GI carbohydrates and a further 30% fats, the majority of which are unsaturated or good fats.

This is a little different to other diet delivery systems such as Diet-to-Go, eDiets and as you'll see in our BistroMD review which provide similarly balanced meals but without the additional dietary structure. It is rather more different than Nutrisystem which ships a month supply of food to customers.

When people see this relatively high level of fats included in a diet, they initially worry that is too high and it will make then gain and not lose weight. This is not so, as it is not the fats themselves that generally cause weight gain, unless you eat them is extremely high quantities, but, the overall levels of calories in the form of carbohydrates that you consume that are in excess of what your body can burn through exercise.

So that's what zone diet is, in a nutshell and in its most simplistic terms. In many ways it is similar to the South Beach Diet, but without so much emphasis on lifestyle changes. It works where other fad diets may fail simply because our bodies need a balanced diet where no major food group is excluded.

Simple, Balanced and Effective

As long as we balance the food we eat with sufficient exercise to burn off the calories that food contains, we will not gain weight. Pure and simple.

So you could actually save yourself a lot of money by avoiding expensive, high or even low cost diet plans and get back to basics. Eat well and healthily, cut right down on junk foods, high sugar foods, fizzy soda drinks and alcohol and for heaven's sake do some exercise and you'll be healthy!

But if for some reason you feel that you need more structure to your weight loss efforts, then it could benefit you greatly to try a program such as the Zone Diet. It will provide all the information that you will need to lose weight in a definite and progressive way, while providing that structure that will enable you to stick to it each day.

Losing weight is different for every person and what may seem perfectly normal for one person may appear unworkable for another. Your task is to discover what suits you best and then work with it towards your success!